Best marine silicone sealant


Marine silicone sealants are specifically designed for outdoor applications. These products can be used to waterproof decks, patios, fences, steps, retaining walls, and other outdoor surfaces. But, the problem comes when choosing the best marine silicone sealant.  Marine silicone sealant offers many advantages over traditional oil-based paints and coatings. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, durable, easy to … Read more

Best clear silicone sealant


When you need to apply silicone sealant, you need a high-quality product that’s easy to use and won’t leave sticky residue on your work surface. You need a product that will allow you to get the job done quickly and without hassle. That’s where the best clear silicone sealant comes in. Best clear silicone sealant … Read more

Best silicone sealant for outdoor use


Whether you live in the country or in an urban environment, you may find yourself in need of a quality silicone sealant. Silicone sealants are used to create a barrier between your house and the elements. These products can be used to protect your siding, windows, doors, and other exterior surfaces. The products are non-toxic … Read more

7 Types Of Sealants And Their Benefits


There are many types of sealants. This is a viscous substance that is applied to the surfaces of joints in order to create a watertight barrier. It is most commonly used in roofing, but can also be found in other construction applications. Sealant is often made from rubbers, plastics, or silicones, and comes in a … Read more

How to use a sealant gun for the first time


A sealant gun is a handheld tool used to apply sealant or adhesive. It has a nozzle at one end that is inserted into the sealant or adhesive cartridge, and a trigger that is squeezed to release the material. Sealant guns are available in both manual and pneumatic models. Manual sealant guns require manual force … Read more

How to remove stains from silicone sealant


Silicone sealant is a popular material used for home repairs. It is often used to seal windows, doors, and other openings. Silicone sealant is also used to fill cracks and crevices. Over time, silicone sealant may become stained. The stains can be difficult to remove. In this article, we will discuss how to remove stains … Read more

How to remove mold from silicone sealant


Mold is a common problem that can grow on many surfaces, including silicone sealants. While mold can be removed from many surfaces with household cleaners, it can be difficult to remove from silicone sealant. In some cases, the sealant may need to be replaced. In this article, we will discuss how to remove mold from … Read more

How to remove great stuff foam sealant

Great Stuff foam sealant is a great way to seal off small cracks and openings around your home. It’s easy to use, and it dries quickly so you can get back to your life. Best of all, it’s affordable and won’t damage your walls or furniture. So if you’re looking for an easy way to … Read more

How to properly apply silicone sealant


Silicone sealant is a type of adhesive that is used to create a watertight seal between two surfaces. It is made from silicone, a synthetic polymer that is known for its high thermal and chemical resistance. Silicone sealant can be applied in a wide variety of settings, including construction, automotive, and marine applications. It is … Read more