How to apply paving sealant

The application of paving sealant is a fairly simple process. It’s just a matter of following the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you get a smooth, even finish.

First, clean your driveway thoroughly. Use soap and water, then rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry.

Next, mix the sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour about half of the bottle into a bucket, then add water until both ingredients are combined in equal parts.

With a paintbrush or roller, spread the mixture over your driveway’s surface in an even layer. Make sure to cover all areas evenly; if any areas are missed, they will not be protected from weathering by the sealant! If you have any gaps in coverage or spots where there is still dirt showing through after applying your first coat of sealant (and this is likely), use a brush or roller to apply another coat over top of those areas as well; this will help ensure complete coverage before letting it dry completely (which may take anywhere between two hours and overnight).

When finished applying sealant, let everything dry completely before walking on it again. This might take several hours depending on how thickly.

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