How to apply miracle sealants 511

Miracle Sealants 511 is a great product for sealing your concrete. The product is easy to apply, and it will give you a great finish.

It’s important to make sure that the surface of the concrete is clean before you apply Miracle Sealants 511. If you don’t clean it well enough, you’ll have problems with adhesion.

Start by mixing up one part Miracle Sealants 511 with two parts water (per gallon). This will create a thin solution that you can apply with a paint roller or brush. You can also use spray equipment if desired, but be sure to use plastic or rubber gloves because the mixture will dry out your skin!

Apply the mixture in two layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying another layer. This ensures that there aren’t any air bubbles between coats of sealant and helps prevent cracking over time as well. After applying all layers of sealant, let everything cure overnight before using your garage again!

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