How far can you drive on tyre sealant

You can drive up to 50mph for 50 miles with a punctured tire and tyre sealant.

A punctured tire is one of the most common problems that drivers face on the road. This is why it’s important to know how far you can drive before stopping to change your tire or replace it with a spare one.

Tire sealant is used when there is a leak in your tire, which can happen for several reasons: bad roads, potholes, sharp objects in your tire, etc. Tire sealants are chemicals that are injected into your tire through its valve stem to stop leaks from forming. They should be used within minutes after a puncture has occurred because they don’t last very long (around 50 miles).

When using tyre sealants, you should follow these instructions: First, check your tires for leaks by spraying water inside each one; if any air bubbles appear then you have a leak somewhere in there which needs fixing ASAP! Next, check whether there are any objects stuck inside any of those tires by looking closely at their walls; if so then remove them immediately before driving anywhere unsafely! Finally (and most importantly), use this product responsibly

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