Can i put sealant over sealant 

Yes, you can! It’s a common question: “Can I put sealant over sealant?” The answer to this question is yes, but it’s important to know why. If you have sealant on your roof, then you may notice that it is starting to look dull and faded. This is because of UV rays from the sun, … Read more

Can adults get tooth sealants

Yes, adults can get tooth sealants. Tooth sealants are thin layers of plastic that bond to the chewing surface of your teeth and prevent cavities from forming. They’re used to cover pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth, which are often the sites where cavities begin. Teens commonly receive these treatments in order … Read more

Are sealants for teeth necessary?

Seals are thin plastic coatings that are placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth to protect them from decay. If you have a child who is at risk for tooth decay, this could be an effective way to prevent it from happening. But do sealants really work? The answer is yes, but not necessarily for … Read more

Are fissure sealants safe?

Fissure sealants are safe. They have been used for a long time, and there have been no reports of any adverse effects. Fissure sealants are often used on children, who are more likely to be at risk for tooth decay and cavities because of their diet, which can include many sugary foods. Children may also … Read more

Are fillings and sealants the same thing?

Are fillings and sealants the same thing? Fillings and sealants are similar in that they both fill cavities, holes, and crevices in the teeth. A filling is a dental material that fills the space where there’s damage to a tooth—it’s usually used to treat cavities or cracks in the enamel. Sealants are a special kind … Read more